Shonen Jump has developed a reputation for publishing manga that then get turned into amazing anime. Over the past few years, we have been given My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and, more recently, Spy x Family. Now we are looking forward to the anime that many believe will stand beside, if not overshadow, these anime juggernauts: Chainsaw Man. Although the release date has not been announced, many believe this much-anticipated anime will air in October of 2022. There is quite a bit of information to be found about the story, so let’s take a quick look at what the hype is all about.

Chainsaw Man

Directed by: Ryū Nakayama, Makoto Nakazono

Written by: Hiroshi Seko

Music by: Kensuke Ushio

Studio: MAPPA

Licensed by: Crunchyroll

Original run: 2022-scheduled


This story takes place in a world full of Devils- entities born of human fears. The worse the fear, the stronger the Devil. Although usually dangerous and malevolent, some Devils will form contracts with humans, and Denji, our main protag, is one of these people. Contracts with Devils give humans special abilities, and Denji’s Devil, Pochita, gives him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. Many people who have formed contracts with Devils use their abilities to become a Devil Hunter. These individuals take on Devils that threaten the peace and safety of common civilians and work in both the Private Sector and Public Safety.


Denji– A young man with an unfortunate upbringing, he is turned into a devil-human hybrid with the help of his pet Devil Pochita. The ability to turn parts of his body into chainsaws earns him the name Chainsaw Man. He becomes a Public Safety Devil Hunter due to the influence of a mysterious and attractive woman named Makima.

Makima– Head of the Public Safety Division 4. She is best known for being cunning, intelligent and manipulative. She took in Denji as her pet.

Aki– Public Safety Devil Hunter working in Makima’s squad. He has contracts with the Fox Devil and Curse Devil. Known for being stoic, mature and dependable, Aki and Denji do not start off on the best of terms.

Power– A Blood Fiend and Public Safety Devil Hunter in Makima’s squad. Power causes many disruptions in the team with her childishness and greed. She reveals herself to be almost entirely self-motivated with no loyalty to humanity.


Chainsaw Man’s main objective is to fight against the Devils born of human fears that are terrorizing people. As a horror manga, the visuals of these Devils range from “wow, that’s creepy” to “I am never getting that image out of my head”. The main thing to remember is that the stronger the fear of something, the stronger that Devil will be. For example, not too many people are afraid of flowers so that Devil would be weak. However, a gun Devil would be very powerful due to the amount of fear the concept generates. There are a few types of Devils that are not hostile, or at least apathetic, to humans. These Devils have a humanoid appearance, though they are not to be confused with the other type of Devil with a humanoid appearance: fiend. A fiend is a Devil that has possessed a human corpse but can be trained to control their Devil instincts.

Outside of Devils, Chainsaw Man must also deal with his work environment and the hidden motivations of those around him. This story looks to have many layers of plot and a psychological thriller aspect that will keep us guessing where the story is headed and suspecting every character.


When researching this anime, it struck me how much people were looking forward to it. The manga has a huge fanbase, and these guys are raving not just about the crazy amazing art, but the writing as well. One of the reasons people seem to like the story so much is that it touches on a wide variety of topics, which makes sense because it is literally about facing fears and cutting them down in a spectacularly gruesome way. What also set it apart from other violence-saturated manga were the relationships between the Public Safety Demon Hunters. The look inside the mundane lives of the characters provides more depth than a regular action/horror anime would normally have. In fact, I heard it argued that the violence and action was merely secondary to the interactions and relationships of the characters.

If that doesn’t get you interested, there’s also the fact that the studio handling the anime, MAPPA, is the same that handled Jujustu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season. The official preview of the anime sets us up to expect the same high standard of graphic realism in Chainsaw Man as we got in previous shows. I am a very visual person so I may end up watching simply because of the art, but I suspect I will stay because of the storytelling.


To conclude, I’m looking forward to October for many reasons, and Chainsaw Man was just added to that list. From what I have seen, and how excited the fanbase is, it seems like the anime may be worthy of the hype. I’ll be watching, what about you?

Written By: Kathryn Vallejo

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