Mob Psycho 100: Season 3 Release date and Opening!

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Wow, October is shaping up to be an epic month! Crunchyroll just released the official Season 3 trailer for Mob Psycho, and it looks like we can expect our favorite little psycho, I mean esper, to be fully in the thick of more craziness starting October 5th, 2022. Before we get too hyped, let’s get our table salt and review what Mob has been through so far.

Plot Refresher

The anime follows Shigeo Kageyama, aka Mob, as he copes with puberty and immense psychic power that could level a city. The ability to control his power lessens when dealing with intense emotions, and we get to see how close he is to blowing his top with the percentage counter. The closer he gets to 100, the closer he is to releasing all of those pent-up emotions with a burst of psychic power. In order to learn how to control his power, Mob turned to Reigen Arataka for help. Proclaiming himself to be a spirit medium, Reigen is a con-man with surprisingly good life advice. Mob works part-time for him, adding legitimacy to Reigen’s exorcism business. Mob doesn’t just have to deal with regular middle-school life and an evil(?) spirit following him around though. He also has to worry about other espers and foiling their evil plots.

Season 2 Recap (Spoilers!)

Mob Psycho 2 Recap“Season 2 starts off with your typical slice of life of exorcising spirits…”

Season 2 starts off with your typical slice of life of exorcising spirits, running for class president, and dealing with Middle School girls. However, during this time Mob is also accumulating new skills and techniques by watching the evil spirits and people around him. The pace of the show picks up a few episodes in when Reigen and Mob go to exorcise a rich CEO’s daughter, Minori. Dimple recognizes the evil spirit possessing the girl as Mogami Keiji, an esper turned evil spirit that absorbed other spirits in order to become stronger. Mob uses a new technique, out of body experience, to fight Mogami inside of Minori.

The mental world created by Mogami sends Mob on a mind trip of living a “normal” life of no powers and being bullied for what seems like six months but is really just half an hour. Mogami shows us what Mob could end up being without the positive influence of those around him, including Dimple. After an epic battle that includes Mob going fully psychotic, Mogami is driven from Minori’s body and trapped by another esper. Unfortunately, this may not be the last we see of the evil Mogami since he escapes later in the season.

Mob and the GANG

After the battle with an evil spirt, we get to a battle between Mob and Reigen. Reigen, acting like a complete jerk, drives Mob away and ends up having to work on his own. After being set up on a TV show where he is publicly revealed to be fraud, he holds a press conference to clear his image. During the interview, Reigen realizes the only reason he has a business at this point is because of Mob, and that he acted like a colossal idiot. After hearing what Reigen has to say, Mob, being the sweet and empathetic boy that he is, helps Reigen out and they make up.

With all of that drama out of the way we expect a slow down in the plot, but after a little break of watching Mob try his best at a marathon, Claw enters the scene and Mob goes home to a house on fire. After being convinced to not go full psycho by Dimple once again, Mob goes on the hunt for his family. Mob is taken to meet familiar faces of espers from the Awakening Lab, the Scars, and Reigen. It turns out Claw is planning an attack on the city, and then the world, and getting rid of espers who might hinder the sinister plot.


The lead up to the final battle is filled with smaller battles between Claw’s top 5 and the espers on Mob’s side, including the leader of the Claw’s son, Sho, and Mob’s brother, Ritsu. Most of these fights take place while Mob is unconscious, until he finally wakes up and heads to the tower. Amongst these fights, Mob does what he does best and makes friends out of enemies by trying to understand them. Even at the last battle with the leader of the Claw, Toichiro Suzuki, spouting off about how he’ll take over the world, Mob still tries to empathize with and understand his enemy. He even goes so far as to try to absorb and shield a massive psychic explosion so that Toichiro won’t die. The entire fight is amazingly drawn and worth watching several times just to appreciate all of the work that went into it.

The season ends with both Mob and the Toichiro alive, and a giant broccoli named the Divine Tree marking the spot of the epic battle. People will need to get accustomed to half the city being blown up, but I’m sure that’s just normal for this universe.

What can we expect in Season 3?

Up until now, Mob Psycho has made me laugh, cry, and want to throw salt at people I swear are possessed. I am counting on all three of these continuing in the next season, and more. According to the manga, it looks like we are coming up to the “Divine Tree arc” where Mob will need to take on that giant broccoli. There is also the “Telepathy Mini-arc” and “???% arc” so we may get to see just how powerful our crazy little Mob is. From watching the trailer, we know Mob will still need to deal with Middle School and planning for his future, which could be scarier than any power-hungry villain bent on taking over the world. There are also indicators that Mob may be the focus of a new religion, and Dimple may be plotting something. We will know for sure when October comes around, but until then I’ll be rewatching the first two seasons and practicing my Salt Splash technique.

Written by. Kathryn Vallejo

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