Spy x Family: Part 2 is Here! (Almost)

Return of the Forgers

Good news for those of us having Anya withdrawal! Part 2 of season 1 of Spy x Family is returning in October, and I am counting down the days! Before we enjoy the continuation of the story, let’s look back on how much our hero Anya has contributed to world peace and the uptick in peanut sales.

A Little Recap (spoiler )

***Feel free to jump ahead if you are familiar with part 1 of Spy x Family.

In case you’ve forgotten, Spy x Family is about a spy, Twilight, who is on a mission to stop a war between the rival nations Westalis and Ostania. In order to do so, it was decided that he would spy on Donovan Desmond, the leader of the National Unity Party within Ostania. Desmond is a recluse, however, and it seems the only way to get close to him is through his children which attend the private school, Eden College. To make contact with Desmond, Twilight will need to create the perfect happy family. Within in a week. Being the superb spy that he is, Twilight takes on the challenge to find himself a wife and child for the success of Operation Strix.

Operation Strix

Twilight, now known as Loid Folger the psychiatrist, goes to a shady orphanage in hopes of getting a super smart kid to put into Eden Collage. The drunkard managing the orphanage leads him to Anya, a little girl who had been experimented on and had developed psychic powers. She is also obsessed with spies and passes herself off as super smart to get adopted by Loid. Unlike other animes where the child protagonist is some super genius and acts more mature than their age, Anya acts like an actual 5/6-year-old which is really not something Loid is prepared to handle. But for the sake of the mission, Loid will deal with whatever Anya throws at him, even if it means saving her from being kidnapped by a criminal organization she accidentally calls on his communications equipment.

After substantial, hilarious struggles and some help from his pal Franky to get the test questions, Loid succeeds in getting Anya into Eden Collage. Now he just needs a beautiful wife to make his perfect family complete. With some amazing luck and Anya’s song about needing a mom, Loid is able to strike a mutually beneficial deal with Yor Briar, a beautiful, single lady working at City Hall. After some shenanigans involving grenades and street fighting, they decide to officially marry.

The happy family is now complete! Yor is perfect for Loid. She’s a little ditzy and naïve, but she tries her best to be the perfect wife. She is also hiding her identity as the top-class assassin known as the Thorn Princess. Only Anya knows her secret, and because Papa is such a good liar, Yor also only knows of Loid as a psychiatrist. With the role of his wife filled, Loid completes a (somewhat) successful interview at the school and commences the next step of Operation Strix.

There is one more member of the family introduced in part 1 of season 1: Yor’s brother Yuri. You can’t choose your in-laws, and he is definitely not one Loid would have wanted. He is a mega siscon, and he already doesn’t like Loid because no one could be good enough for his sister. Plus, unbeknownst to Yor, Yuri is a member of the Secret Police. Loid is able to figure this out in their meeting, but unfortunately for Anya, she missed the whole encounter and only found out about the excitement after the fact.

Papa is a Liar…

Now that Anya is enrolled in the school, the next step for Loid is to find a way for his family and Desmond’s family to come into contact with each other. It becomes apparent very quickly that Anya will not be getting into any special clubs with her smarts. Far from being the genius he had hoped to find at the orphanage, she brings home terrible test scores and doesn’t seem to be good at anything. Anya knows she needs to do something for the sake of world peace, and because it is so important to Papa for her to do so, she tries to make friends with Damian, Desmond’s youngest son. He’s a little brat, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Because Anya is so adorable, Damian ends up having a huge crush on our little hero. He’s too caught up in his own pride to realize it, but he’s already a member of the Anya Fan Club.

There are much more hilarious, exciting, and moving moments, but let’s move to what we can expect next.

Part 2

There is so much to look forward to in part 2! As a reader of the manga, I cannot wait to see the newest member of the family animated and receiving the love he deserves. I’m talking, of course, about the fluffiest of family pets: Bond. It was already teased during part 1, but Bond shares a special… bond… with Anya in that he also has some psychic abilities. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say this is one special pup and the family won’t be the same because of him.

In addition to the new family member, we can look forward to more spy-tastic exploits from agent Twilight as he works to stop terrorists from setting off bombs in the city and igniting the war. The political tensions continue to run hot, but stopping a war is just your average Tuesday for the unappreciated hero Twilight.

Anya will be back at school, trying her best to study and get those good test scores while still trying to bring about world peace through a friendship with Damian. We wish you luck Anya!

New characters will come on the scene, including a possible rival for Yor who has known Loid for a long time. She’s also pretty attractive and really wants to help Loid with his mission. Will Anya get a new mom? Who are we kidding, Yor is the best for Loid and if anything happens to her we’ll riot!


Loid’s locked and loaded in cour 2

Spy x Family continues to be the heartwarming, action-packed family anime to look forward to this fall.

There is a lot of other really good anime coming out or returning in October, but this one is at the top of my watch list. I absolutely cannot wait for Bond to come on the scene and make this crazy family even more fun to watch.

Written by: Kathryn Vallejo

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