Housing Complex C: Toonami’s next Horror Classic?

Another cool Toonami anime?

People who have been craving a new horror anime should be on the lookout for a new anime coming to Cartoon Network’s Toonami and Adult Swim in October. Housing Complex C is an original series without a preceding manga or game, and this lack of information has heightened the suspense of this mysterious anime. The plot is a simple one: the series focuses on a little girl named Kimi living in a small, low-cost housing complex in the seaside town of Kurosaki. Trouble seems to follow her, and horrific incidents begin to occur, which leads people to wonder if an ancient evil is stalking the residents of Housing Complex C. The official teaser for the anime displays all of the classic psychological horror elements you would expect with artwork that will make it easy to lose yourself in the story.


Frogs can write too….

With the anime itself shrouded in mystery, let’s take a look at the writer amphibian. He is an up-and-coming talent best known for being the scenario writer for Raging Loop, an award-winning psychological horror visual novel. Raging Loop is a story about a graduate student traveling by motorbike in the mountains and becoming stranded in a remote village, and, of course, the village is not normal and some of the people turn into wolves at night during this special time of the year. What is interesting about the visual novel video game is that it has a branching plotline, so the player’s choices will affect the direction of the story and eventual outcome. The ability to choose different paths is also part of the plot, hence the “Loop” part, and the player is able to uncover layers of the story and facets of the characters that would have otherwise been hidden.

So what can we take from this and apply it to Housing Complex C? According to an interview given to Anime News Network, amphibian describes Raging Loop as a “fusion of Japanese tradition and very old legends.” There is no shortage of creepy, if not terrifying, legends in Japan to draw from, and looks like amphibians will use this resource again in Housing Complex C. We could see anything from vengeful spirits to cursed dolls, or maybe yokai and kunekune, possibly even gods. We all know the old spirits are the most horrible, and isolated seaside towns are the perfect spot for them to hang out.

Besides very old legends, amphibian also likes to draw inspiration from Japanese tradition. Will there be a tradition within the town of Kurosaki of coping with an aggressive supernatural entity like in the work Raging Loop? There are many traditions in Japan that could easily be included in horror movies for their creepy factor. For example, the Hitobashira, or human pillar, was a practice where people were sacrificed by burying them alive under or near large-scale construction projects like castles, dams or bridges. The

practice was thought to be a magical ward against the building being destroyed as the souls sacrificed would hopefully appease the gods that would cause flooding, fire, or another natural disaster. Surprisingly, this practice was still in use even into the 20th century. Could we see this sort of tradition being used in that old, creepy town Kimi lives in?

The Art

It is unfortunate that there is not much information on Housing Complex C to investigate. Even the studio is named after the shadiest and most covert shinobi group in Naruto, though they do have a sizable list of works they have been involved with in the past. Housing Complex C appears to be the first project Akatsuki will be heading, not just contributing to, outside of a Gucci commercial they did with Miley Cyrus. It looks like Akatsuki is done working in the shadows and is now ready to step up and take control. I will be looking forward to the artwork and how they handle the horror genre.


In conclusion, Housing Complex C is a mystery, which is actually fitting for the anime. The writer is new but creative and talented. The director is also new, with no attributions to his name. The studio might as well be highly trained ninjas that are taking their first steps out of the shadows. There is a lot to expect from this anime because there is so little information to go on. Personally, I think this anime has a lot of promise. After so many years, anime studios and writers have a certain formula they follow per the genre they are writing for, and we can practically guess the story just from the cover art. It’s exciting to be wholly in the dark with something entirely new.

What do you think? Will you take a chance on Housing Complex C?

Written by: Kathryn Vallejo

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