Uncle From Another World! (Anime Review)

Studio: AtelierPontdarc

Licensed by: Netflix

Original run: July 6, 2022 – present

Episodes: 7

Not Your Average Isekai

So what happens after you’ve saved the fantasy planet you’ve been isekai’ed to? Of all the isekai stories of I’ve read and watched, none have really addressed the hero’s after story. But now we have an uncle to help us out! This quirky, offbeat anime has me cringing and laughing by turns, then feeling nostalgic about my favorite childhood game Sonic. With that said, let’s check out Uncle from Another World!

Plot Review

***If you’re already well versed in the plot, feel free to jump ahead to our final thoughts about the anime.

Yōsuke Shibazaki, has woken up in the hospital 17 years after Truck-kun sent him to another world. Upon waking, he is greeted by Takafumi Takaoka, his nephew, who has come to tell his uncle he won’t be able to help support him. However, while everyone in this reality only saw Yōsuke’s body asleep in a coma, he was actually transported to a fantasy world full of elves, orcs, dragons, and every other standard RPG character. While in the fantasy land known as Granbahamal, Yōsuke had learned all kinds of magic and gone on fantastic adventures, saving people and towns from monsters and dragons. In order to keep his sanity, he learned a quick incantation to erase his memories, though he keeps a written record of those memories in a book. Now, back in the reality he was born in, Yōsuke is still able to perform magic and does a demonstration for his nephew to prove his bizarre story. After shocking Takafumi with a display of magic, the younger man decides to let his uncle live with him. Later, after seeing more of the magic his uncle canperform, it occurs to Takafumi that they can make money on YouTube by uploading videos of his uncle doing magic. And now, a new and exciting everyday life of uncle and nephew has begun.

The daily life of uncle and nephew is punctuated by video games, watching replays of Yōsuke’s life in another world with a magic screen, making YouTube videos of Yōsuke doing magic, and drop in visits from Takafumi’s childhood friend, Sumika Fujimiya. While Yōsuke is completely oblivious to female interest in himself, he is able to spot the attraction Sumika has for his nephew and tries to help in any odd way he can. Takafumi, for his part, is also oblivious to female interest in himself, but upon watching replays of his uncle’s memories becomes appalled at the misunderstandings he sees between his uncle and the elf that had been travelling with him. The idea of a girl being tsundere did not become popular until 4 years after Truck-kun took Yōsuke to the other world, and thus his uncle only thought of the elf’s actions as bullying and/or extortion. But what can you expect from a man who’s first love was Sonic and Tails?

Why Watch?

UfAW is hilarious, especially for the thirty somethings that remember the good old days of playing on your Sega Genesis.While Yōsuke is adapting to modern day life in the 21st century,he is learning about smartphones, eBay, the progression of gaming consoles, and it reminds us how much technology has changed since we were kids. Besides the nostalgia factor, it’s really refreshing to have something different than the typical attractive male lead that knows just what to do and say, or has incredible luck that makes everything turn out ok. Instead, we see Yōsuke blundering through his adventures, using video game experience to formulate his strategies, and giving advice to others that usually sounds good in the beginning, but quickly dissolves into an unhelpful narrative about game consoles. The cringy parts of this anime are what really make it, and you can’t help but feel bad for this awkward man that keeps being mistaken as an orc even as you’re laughing. It’s probably the most realistic depiction of what would have happened if someone were to be isekai’ed for real. 

If you were looking for something different to watch on Netflix, give this anime a try. The quirky adventures of Uncle Yōsukeand his nephew are the fresh breeze the isekai genre has needed. Let me know what you think of these oddballs. Are you a UfAWfan too?

Written by: Kathryn Vallejo

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