A Look Into Midoriya’s Superhero Journey: How He Became the Symbol of Hope

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the main protagonist of the popular manga and anime series “My Hero Academia”. He is a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero despite being born without a Quirk, a superpower that is the norm in his world. Through hard work and determination, Midoriya has overcome numerous challenges to become the Symbol of Hope in his world. In this article, we will take a look at Midoriya’s superhero journey and explore how he became the Symbol of Hope. We will explore his struggles and triumphs, and discuss what makes him such a unique and inspiring character. Through examining Midoriya’s journey, we can gain insight into the power of hard work and determination and how they can help us achieve our dreams.

Midoriya’s Struggles

It is all too easy to focus on Midoriya’s triumphs and successes, but the reality is that his journey was not easy. While he does succeed in many ways, Midoriya also struggles throughout his journey. Even his first step toward becoming a hero was a struggle. When he was young, Midoriya discovered that he is Quirkless, meaning that he does not have a superpower. In his world, most people have a Quirk, and having a Quirk is the norm. As a Quirkless child living in a world where Quirks are valued and admired, Midoriya is bullied by his classmates. Going through this bullying makes Midoriya question his own potential and makes him question whether or not he can achieve his dream of becoming a hero. Midoriya’s journey is also full of internal struggles as he tries to discover his own path and purpose in life. When he is younger, Midoriya finds it difficult to decide what he wants to do with his life, being that he is quirkless. Eventually, Midoriya is granted access to power that enables him in becoming a hero and so he begins training to develop his Quirk. Throughout his life, Midoriya struggles to find his confidence but eventually learns to believe in himself and find his own path in life.

Midoriya’s Triumphs

Although Midoriya struggles throughout his journey, he also experiences many triumphs. Among Midoriya’s most notable triumphs is the World’s #1 hero All Might choosing Midoriya as his apprentice, thus passing down One For All to the once quirkless boy. Some of Deku’s other triumphs include getting accepted into the U.A Hero Program, helping to capture the Villain Stain, gaining his provisional hero license, defeating the gang villain Overhaul and saving young Eri, unlocking new abilities within the One For All Quirk, and much more.

Midoriya’s Unique Characteristics

Although Midoriya’s journey is full of challenges and triumphs, he also has a number of unique characteristics that make him a special character. Firstly, Midoriya is a genuinely good person who wants to help others. Whenever he has the opportunity to help others, Midoriya does so without hesitation. This willingness to help others is something that sets Midoriya apart from other characters. In a world where people are more obsessed with power and strength, Midoriya is willing to sacrifice himself for those who are weaker than him. Another unique characteristic of Midoriya is his determination to succeed despite his struggles. Throughout his journey, Midoriya encounters many setbacks, but he always remains determined to succeed. This determination is essential to Midoriya’s growth as a character and it is what helps him overcome the many challenges he faces over the course of the series.

Midoriya’s Impact on Others

Midoriya also has a significant impact on others throughout his journey. One of the most important aspects of Midoriya’s impact on others is his capacity to inspire others. Throughout the series, Midoriya inspires others to follow their dreams and live their best life. He does this by demonstrating his own willingness to follow his dreams despite the challenges he faces along the way. Midoriya is so authentic throughout the series, he challenges his peers to look deeper within themselves and overcome their own shortcomings. Of all the U.A students in Deku’s class, young Bakugo is likely the one most impacted by the strength and resilience of Midoriya. Having known Midoriya since they were toddlers, Bakugo has seen how Midoriya has always had the heart of a hero who is willing to lay it all on the line for others despite his weakness, and since gaining One For All, Midoriya’s heroic heart has only been set more ablaze.

The Power of Hard Work and Determination

As we have discussed, Midoriya’s journey is full of challenges and triumphs, but all of these are driven by one thing: hard work and determination. Midoriya’s journey is largely defined by his willingness to work hard and persevere. Even when he struggles, Midoriya does not give up on himself or others and this is what helps him succeed in the end. Midoriya’s perseverance and willingness to work hard and persevere helped him to harness One For All, and become a hero, a friend, and an inspiration to many. It is through his hard work and determination that Midoriya becomes the Symbol of Hope.

Reflection on Midoriya’s Journey

It is easy to focus on Midoriya’s triumphs and successes, but the reality is that his journey was not easy. Midoriya’s journey is full of challenges and triumphs, and all of these are driven by one thing: hard work and determination. Midoriya’s journey is largely defined by his willingness to work hard and persevere, and through this, he becomes the Symbol of Hope, and eventually, the greatest hero to ever live.

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