5 Burning Questions About Boruto Answered – A Brief Guide To Naruto’s Son!

Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, has captivated the hearts of many anime fans since his debut in the manga and anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Boruto is a young ninja trying to forge his path and live up to his father’s legacy, the Seventh Hokage. With his charismatic personality and unique abilities, Boruto has become one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto universe. But who is Boruto, exactly? What are his powers? In this brief guide, we’ll answer some of the most burning questions about the Boruto anime and explore why he has become so popular among fans.

How old is Naruto in Boruto?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations focuses on a new generation of ninjas. Boruto is the protagonist who wants to make a name for himself and not be overshadowed by his father’s accomplishments. The series is set fifteen years after the fourth great ninja war when Naruto was celebrating his seventeenth birthday. It is thought that he is about 32 years old at the onset of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In a dramatic future scene, an older, more experienced Boruto is seen with a scar over his right eye. He is mentioned to be sixteen in the future, making his father Naruto approximately 36.

Does Boruto Learn Sage Mode?

Boruto does not possess the ability to use Sage Mode, given that there is no indication that he can use it throughout the series, even at the conclusion snippet shown in the series beginning.

However, if you are posing whether it is possible if Boruto can use it or not, the answer is yes. Given that Boruto is the result of a union between a Hyuga and Uzumaki, both of whom possess exceptional chakra reserves, in theory, it should be easy for him to acquire Sage Mode. Moreover, Naruto can take him to Mt. Myoboku to learn this mode.

Does Boruto have Byakugan?

Boruto possesses the Jōgan dōjutsu as depicted in the manga and anime. Kishimoto initially intended for him to have the Byakugan too. Still, he overlooked it at some point, leading to the exclusion of the Tenseigan, since the Byakguan is a requirement for the latter.

When is the Boruto Time Skip?

Presently, Shueisha, the publisher of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series, is yet to declare when the series will go through a time skip. Nevertheless, it won’t extend as far as its antecedent, Naruto; thus, the time skip will likely happen in the near future.

At the start of 2023, there have been 76 episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Artist Mikio Ikemoto for the Boruto series has expressed that the manga might end after 30 volumes, and with more than half that amount currently released, it is expected that a time skip will occur soon, likely after the Code Arc wraps up.

Is Boruto Stronger than Naruto?

The ongoing discussion of who is more powerful between Boruto and his father, Naruto, is a common topic of discourse in the Naruto anime realm. It is not an unrealistic concept to compare the two. Naruto is a formidable force, yet his son has accomplished much to reach his level and, in some areas, even exceed him.

Considering that Boruto is still honing his powers and abilities, whereas Naruto has likely already maximized his potential, it is reasonable to assume that Boruto will eventually overtake his father. This conjecture is established by the introduction scene, where Boruto is a teenager and appears to grasp the Karma seal fully. However, before he can challenge Naruto, Boruto must first reach maturity.

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Boruto is known to possess 120 in strength, 130 in perception, 90 in intelligence and negotiation, and 160 in dexterity. On the other hand, Naruto’s capabilities are 170 in negotiation, 110 in strength, 120 in perception, 160 in dexterity, and 90 in intelligence.

After analyzing the data, it’s clear that Boruto is better than Naruto as far as stats are concerned; however, in reality, one’s level of experience and attitude are also fundamental, and Naruto has a much more significant advantage in those areas. He has become more emotionally intense after having faced and conquered more battles in his past. Therefore, Naruto is stronger than his son, Boruto.

Despite Boruto having been blessed with the Momoshiki’s Karma seal, Naruto is much more powerful. However, Naruto is not as strong since he is not using the Kuruma. But with his Baryon mode and Kurama, Naruto was easily the most powerful character in Boruto: Next Generations to date.

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