Top 5 Anime to Watch With your Spouse (Who hates Anime)

Anime is a beloved genre for many fans, but often it can be challenging to get your spouse to try it out. If you’re looking to share your favorite anime with your spouse, who may not be an anime fan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the top 5 anime that is perfect for watching with your spouse, even if they aren’t interested in anime. From heartwarming stories to humorous action comedies, these anime will please even the most anime-averse partner. With these series, you can introduce your spouse to the wonderful world of anime and help them discover the genre’s beauty and diversity. So, without further adieu, let’s get started! Here are the top 5 anime to watch with your spouse who hates anime.

5. Death Note

Death Note is a highly rated and widely popular anime. It is significantly darker than mainstream shonen anime like One Piece or Naruto. Its central theme is justice and punishment, befitting (or not) the crime. It is an exciting story that is not complicated or cliché and poses profound questions about justice and murder. It has excellent characterization and a well-worked plot, making the ride enjoyable. It also breaks the most common and absurd stereotypical beliefs of characters in anime.

Death Note is a great anime to watch with someone who isn’t big into anime because it’s not over-the-top in terms of fantasy or dramatic gestures. It’s plot is very entertaining and will cause even the most critical anime haters to overlook the fact they are watching an anime. If your S/O is really into thrillers, then there’s a strong possibility they’d watch Death Note with you (and enjoy it).

4. Cowboy Bebop

For several reasons, Cowboy Bebop is considered one of the best animes of all time! It has a unique setting with a fascinating storyline that is both compelling and heart-warming. The characters are memorable and complex (shout outs to Radical Ed), and each character’s back story provides an interesting glimpse into their motivations and relationships (Shout outs Faye Valentine). The series also combines elements of science fiction, action, and drama with a TIMELESS soundtrack that sets the perfect atmosphere. Cowboy Bebop is also highly influential and continues to be an inspiration for other anime series, films, and television series.

Cowboy Bebop is the perfect anime to share with your anime hating spouse because it’s just so damn cool. I mean, c’mon, most people get hooked off of the intro alone. The style and aesthetic of the anime are top-notch, and most importantly, the english voice acting is some of the best of all time. If you’re chilling in bed at 2am and your partner gives you the anime green light, convert them into a (slight) fan of anime with this classic series.

3. Great Pretender

Great Pretender is an excellent anime for various reasons. The story of Makoto Edamura, a con artist who finds himself caught up in a series of international heists orchestrated by an experienced scam artist. The series has a cool and unique art style distinct from most other anime series. The characters are fun and well-developed, with each con job providing an exciting and thrilling ride. Edamura’s team is also faced with difficult moral choices that have to be made when confronted with their targets’ corruption throughout the series.

Great Pretender is the kind of anime your anime-hating partner would appreciate for its uniqueness. My wife, who is not an anime fan, took it upon herself to check out this show because it looked “cool.” The plot is humorous and lighthearted (for the most part), and the series also has a great soundtrack with thought-provoking themes of justice and morality.

2. City Hunter

City Hunter is an excellent anime and cult classic. It combines comedy with ecchi, making it ideal for those who want to see some suspense but with a (considerable) sprinkle of humor and seriousness. It is characterized by its cultural innovation, perfect clothing, and pop music, making it one of the most successful series of the 1980s and 90s. It stars private detectives Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura. The series follows the standard episodic format of Ryo taking on a new client in life-threatening danger. The series transcends time and generations as the winning combination of drama, action, and comedy can be appreciated time and time again. City Hunter is a True anime classic.

When I first put on City Hunter, my wife, who was my girlfriend then, was instantly on board with the classic series. I knew my partner was into fashion, and City Hunter features a variety of fashionable characters. Add in the fact that City Hunters’ opening theme songs are some of the best; it was inevitable that my partner would override her anime bias and find some appreciation for the show.

I recommend City Hunter for those late nights when you want to watch a chill and stylish anime chock-full of ecchi humor.

1. Spy x Family

Spy x Family quickly became one of the top anime of 2022. It features a unique blend of spy drama and family comedy that is sure to please viewers of all ages. The characters are lovable and relatable, and their family dynamic is heartwarming and wholesome(mostly). The series delivers great humor, with the inclusion of Lloyd and Yor’s secret jobs/abilities making the funny moments even funnier. Anya is also one of the cutest anime characters seen in years, and her emotions and interactions with the other characters provide plenty of classic moments. Additionally, the premise is exciting and unique, executed well with a balanced mix of action, comedy, family, friendship, and romance.

Spy x Family is a wholesome and lighthearted anime. It’s hard not to fall for Anya’s adorableness and appreciate the family vibes exuded in the show. If your partner is an anime hater, but has a soft spot for cute and wholesome things, this series may be a win for you both.


So there you have it Bento family, a list of anime to show to your anime averse lover. This is our personal top 5 list, but keep in mind the anime world is vast and full of variety. You know your partners better than us (I hope). Therefore don’t be afraid to choose a show you think will cater to their taste best. The trick is knowing what they like and picking an anime that offers a form of their interest. What anime do you think would fit well on this list? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

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