My Top 10 Favorite Anime Shows to Watch on Netflix!

If you don’t have Crunchyroll or are just looking at other spots to find anime, Netflix has made the smart decision to create a catalog of the genre. Their selection is still much smaller than Crunchyroll, but that can be a good thing since it’s not as overwhelming and Netflix has vetted the anime to make it onto the shortlist. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to watch, below is a small list I’ve put together of some of the best anime to watch on the platform. This is by no means an inclusive list! The hardest part of writing this was limiting it to 10. Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Anime Shows to Watch on Netflix!

Anime and Manga Recommendations for Beginners

Looking to get into more Anime? This list has recommendations for people who have maybe seen a few episodes of anime here and there but aren’t sure where to go from there. These shows are all easy to get into, not weird or pandering, and accessible even if you don’t know much about Japanese culture. Each entry also has links to related articles where you can find more recommendations from the same genre or similar difficulties. If you’re new to the world of anime, these are the best shows for beginners. Continue reading Anime and Manga Recommendations for Beginners


Anime movies cover a wide range of genres, from comedy to horror and everything in between. Many of them also tackle mature subject matter and heavy concepts like death, loneliness, war, and social ostracism. Some even explore philosophical ideas such as existentialism or nihilism. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most poignant anime movies that will change your life. Continue reading 7 ANIME MOVIES YOU NEED TO WATCH THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

BUBBLE: Anime Film review

WELCOME BACK O.B.C FAMILY! Movie night with the family and I’m looking for something… different. One of the things Netflix has done right lately is expanding their anime library, and one of the movies, Bubble, catches my eye. And doesn’t let it go. Beautiful, dynamic scenes of cityscapes, water, and bubbles that must have created a lighting nightmare for the artists yet was executed perfectly. … Continue reading BUBBLE: Anime Film review